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Picadilly Curved Hem Tank Top - White
Picadilly Curved Hem Tank Top - White


Picadilly Curved Hem Tank Top - White



This is a pre-order item - we place pre-orders every Monday and the orders usually ship within that same week BUT because of unusual shipping times due to Covid-19 and changes to some wholesalers, items may ship within a week or so. 

Fabric Content
65% Rayon 30% Nylon 5% Spandex

Made in Canada

A twist on the classic tank top. This curved hem tank top is waist high in the front, and low in the back with a small slit on both sides. This top is made of solid rayon jersey, and is available in white, black and navy. 

Features of the Curved Hem Tank Top: 

Navy available here

  • Sleeveless
  • Loose fit
  • Flowy torso
  • Mid length
  • Round neck
  • Contemporary design with comfortable fit
  • Flattering shape that offers a complimenting fit
  • Made from high quality fabrics and embellishments


In a size XS in this top is 31 inches (78.74cm) in length. 

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