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Ragwear Neska Print // Sand


Ragwear Neska Print // Sand

$129.99 CAD


 It can’t get any more casual: The NESKA SPIRIT vegan sweatshirt from ragwear combines comfortable features in a fashionable design with high-quality details. Features such as wide ribbed cuffs, the large, asymmetrical shawl collar with a distinctive string and side slit pockets with snap button make this nice sweater. Empowering symbols such as the six-petal rosette and the Venus flower on the patches and string can give you support in everyday life. Other spiritual labels such as the balancing solfeggio frequencies 963 and 825 are sewn onto the inside. It always looks good with jeans and sneakers, but works well with comfortable pants or athletic outfits.

70% cotton, 30% polyester

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